Kush – Dr. Dre

Go on http://www.DrDre.com and the only thing you see is this statement, realeased earlier this year regarding the leak of the track “Under Pressure” –

“I want to set the record straight for everybody who’s been waiting to hear my music.The song that’s on the internet is an incomplete song that I’m still working on. When it’s ready, you’ll be hearing it from me.” – Dre

It seems like the internet has once again duped the good doctor with the leaking of a new untagged track, “Kush”.It features a verse from Snoop and the hook is courtesy of Akon. However, with the mp3 standing at a mere 3.58 MB there’s no way this can be the final cut.

I still don’t think Dre will be happy when he finds out about the leak. Nevertheless, it can only be a good thing for the Doc, the track is good, and people where getting used to the generosity of other producers like Kanye and Swizz.


The song sounds like a typical Dr. Dre production. Clean mix with offset piano clinks darting around with heavy piano chords at the beginning of each bar and face crunching synths and sweeps adding to the depth of the track, add head banging drums to the mix and you’ve got a banger – definitely one for the club. Dre, not one known for his lyrical prowess, is actually kills his verse. Not to sure about Timbaland’s contribution to the track,  not necessary.




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