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H.A.M – Review

So the first single of the highly anticipated collaboration album “Watch the Throne” just dropped today. “H.A.M” features production by the kid Lex Lugar, whose trademark 808s are in full effect. The beat has quite a weird feel to it, the juxtaposition of the futuristic arpeggiated synth and epic orchestral/choir section might feel a bit strange to some, the breakdown towards the end is audio crack. The rappers themselves flow on the beat quite well, Kanye wins this round. Jay-Z on a Wacka Flocka beat was always going to be uncomfortable.

Nigga’s feel themselves, then that “Watch the Throne drops, niggas Kill themselves

All in all its a solid single, nothing too special, it would have been better if they used the strings and choir throughout. 7.2/10

Kate Moss x Balmain

A highly hypnotising piece of animation, read NOWNESS’S Q&A with animation director Jo Ratcliff HERE


Will Prince is a U.K based illustrator/artists that specialises in unique caricatures of people in popular culture. His subjects are often, but not limited to, people within the Hip/Hop community – very dope.

Stussy x A Bathing Ape

Hypebeast Dreams

While you are all out buying your Jordan III’s, I will be purchasing these tees. Wurd.

Alvim Kingdom

Thaís Alvim

Often I just stumble across (not to be confused with “StumbleUpon”) websites that offer great visual aesthetics, this being one of them. Thais Alvim is a Brazilian thinker/blogger (ok, I don’t actually know what she does) that specialises in finding and posting  inspirational and beautiful artwork on her perfectly simple tumblr – ALVIM KINGDOM. She has some affiliation with Swizz Beatz, You can follow her on her twitter –!/AlvimKingdom

I name this: Dope Horses running through a wall

The 4-Hour Body

Timothy Ferriss — author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” (2007) is back with a bestseller – “The 4-Hour  Body”. Rammed with more god-like advice then you can shake a stick at, all encompassed in his eloquently written subtitle -“An uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex, and becoming superhuman.” Continue reading