H.A.M – Review

So the first single of the highly anticipated collaboration album “Watch the Throne” just dropped today. “H.A.M” features production by the kid Lex Lugar, whose trademark 808s are in full effect. The beat has quite a weird feel to it, the juxtaposition of the futuristic arpeggiated synth and epic orchestral/choir section might feel a bit strange to some, the breakdown towards the end is audio crack. The rappers themselves flow on the beat quite well, Kanye wins this round. Jay-Z on a Wacka Flocka beat was always going to be uncomfortable.

Nigga’s feel themselves, then that “Watch the Throne drops, niggas Kill themselves

All in all its a solid single, nothing too special, it would have been better if they used the strings and choir throughout. 7.2/10


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