Kerin Rose

Ideally, I would’ve wrote this a couple of years ago after watching the “Run This Town” video and asking myself where did Rihanna get those ridiculous sunglasses? Then I would’ve done some research and discovered Kerin Rose, creator of outré eye accessories

 I’m a big fan of people doing what the fuck they want to do, creatively. This rebellious attitude seems to be the staple of the works of Kerin.Rose, founder of eye-wear collection A-Morir. I can’t comment on the quality of her craftsmanship, but  her classical influences contrasted with her love of rock and roll combine to produce some fine-looking, outlandish eye-pieces. Her creative flair is unique and she has the hustle to match. Her website highlights her rebellious attitude; “there is nothing here for you” is brandished across the home page, indeed, she admits,  the extravagant accessories are impractical, and thus won’t be to the every-bodies taste. But to those few of us that don’t actually care – “go big, go hard, and go far”.  She is an artist, and the frame is her canvas.

My Summer Pick - Dem GERSWHINS

 You can hear her full story over at the latest Hype-Men podcast. (Which is hilarious)


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