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Dave White Art

Custom Skate Decks from Dave White , part his AMERICANA exhibition, that has finished GOSH IM SO LATE

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Kerin Rose

Ideally, I would’ve wrote this a couple of years ago after watching the “Run This Town” video and asking myself where did Rihanna get those ridiculous sunglasses? Then I would’ve done some research and discovered Kerin Rose, creator of outré eye accessories



Will Prince is a U.K based illustrator/artists that specialises in unique caricatures of people in popular culture. His subjects are often, but not limited to, people within the Hip/Hop community – very dope.

Stussy x A Bathing Ape

Hypebeast Dreams

While you are all out buying your Jordan III’s, I will be purchasing these tees. Wurd.

Alvim Kingdom

Thaís Alvim

Often I just stumble across (not to be confused with “StumbleUpon”) websites that offer great visual aesthetics, this being one of them. Thais Alvim is a Brazilian thinker/blogger (ok, I don’t actually know what she does) that specialises in finding and posting  inspirational and beautiful artwork on her perfectly simple tumblr – ALVIM KINGDOM. She has some affiliation with Swizz Beatz, You can follow her on her twitter –!/AlvimKingdom

I name this: Dope Horses running through a wall

The Cubo House – Arquitectura en Movimiento

Location : Juárez, Mexico.