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Dave White Art

Custom Skate Decks from Dave White , part his AMERICANA exhibition, that has finished GOSH IM SO LATE

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Typoe Confetti Death

Woah, this is crazy. This is the excellent work of  Miami-based street artist Typoe, amply titled “Confetti Death”.


Be Part Of Something x Nike

Director Paul Geusebroek
Producer Anne Van Kuyk – Cake Film

There’s something about this new Nike Advert for the Amsterdam Destroyer that makes me wish i owned one. Perhaps its the sweeping shot of the crew around the 10 second mark that so perfectly captures the essence of a varsity jacket, a team. Or maybe its just the old school feel of the video which reminds me of a certain Michael Jackson video i have watched countless times. Either way, it’s a refreshing ad. The product itself is a result of a collaboration between Precinct 5, the  concept shop from Dutch Brand Patta, and Nike. The large haunting rottweiler on the compliments the slick black on black colours. No word yet on the release.

For those wondering the song is Wanda Jackson – Funnel of Love

Ann He Photography

Based out of Dallas, Texas. Ann He (@annnnhe) is a 16 year old “camera lover/aspiring fashion photographer” (her own words) that definitely has talent. Her work, mostly photographing young models and friends, has a warm, wispy just-awakening-on-a-sunday-morning aesthetic that serves as visual crack.