Head Porter – The Backpack

Head Porter is a Japanese baggage fashion label started by the urban-legend and somewhat man of mystery, Hiroshi Fujiwara. His story deserves a post in itself, just know that this guy inspired Nigo, the creator of the ever-popular BAPE, yes, Fujiwara was Nigo’s sensei of sorts, and has been in the business for over 20 years. I really like this colourful “Day Pack” range, but, with the £130 price tag its not for the faint hearted.  They are available on THE HIDEOUT.

If you’ve got a spare couple of minutes, I recommend you read Fujiwara’s Interview on INTERVIEW MAGAZINE.


Typoe Confetti Death

Woah, this is crazy. This is the excellent work of  Miami-based street artist Typoe, amply titled “Confetti Death”.


(Curren$y + Prodigy) x The Alchemist

This past week rappers Curren$y and Prodigy of Mobb Deep released free studio albums respectively. Note that they are indeed studio albums and not mixtapes, whatever that means. The connection between them lies with this man, known as The Alchemist, producer extraordinaire.


Kerin Rose

Ideally, I would’ve wrote this a couple of years ago after watching the “Run This Town” video and asking myself where did Rihanna get those ridiculous sunglasses? Then I would’ve done some research and discovered Kerin Rose, creator of outré eye accessories


El Clásico x4

In what is hyped to be the most important “fortnight-and-a-bit in the history of Spanish football“, Barcelona and Real Madrid are set to play each other four times in eighteen days. The first encounter, a league match at the Bernabeu in Madrid took place on saturday, ending in a 1-1 draw. The next match is on wednesday for the Copa del Rey, and Champion’s League Semi-Final legs the week after.

Judas – Lady Gaga

Not much to say here (i’m not one for pop music) apart from I actually like this song. Sure the chorus sounds alot like “Bad Romance”, but its something about the shouting-out-of-a-megaphone, rihanna-esque verse vocals that does it for me. I’m guessing Red-One did this, it doesn’t sound like the typical Stargate half-dance production that’s running the airwaves at the moment, and in that sense its refreshing.

Pointer Tanju

Forget those played out espradrilles, loafers are king. Amazingly clean, the Pointer Tanju is a modern-day take on the penny loafer. The navy is the pick of the spring/summer bunch with the smooth suede material and white contrast stitching around the toe box. The simplicity of the shoe means it could go with anything. Theres still some left over at wellgosh.